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Suddenly Twenties The Podcast

Stephanie J-D and Sharna Mcguigan

Suddenly Twenties is a podcast all about navigating life in your twenties, whether it’s health and well-being, friendships, career paths, relationships, side hustles, travelling, finding your passion, personal development or following the house, marriage and a baby pathway! We are here to share our stories with you, bring on guests to provide insight on particular topics we deal with in our twenties and to ride the wave of our twenties with you guys! Come have a laugh and also listen to deep chats about surviving life in our twenties, when we are still children and also adults all at the one time xxx We will be releasing a weekly episode, 4 topics every month including a) Life etc, b) it’s a mood, c) relationships and d) health and well-being!
EP7: CRAZY EX STORIES - "He Put Coins in the Lookout Binoculars to Spy on Me...."June 05, 2022 Episode artwork EP6: LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS - How to survive & How They CHANGE You!May 17, 2022 Episode artwork EP5 CAREER PATHS - The Tough Decisions We Face In Our Young Adulthood - Uni or No Uni, Dream Jobs, 9-5, Gap Year or No Gap Year? April 06, 2022 Episode artwork EP4: ALL THINGS COSMETIC BEAUTY with Cosmetic Nurse - Youth by Mackenzie Sweeney // Lip Injections, Chemical Brow Lift, Fox Eye Treatment & more xMarch 27, 2022 Episode artwork EP3: GETTING THE ICK - Sharing our Icks & Reacting to Our Boyfriends IcksMarch 01, 2022 Episode artwork TOXIC FRIENDSHIPS & Their Red Flags - Manipulation, Jealousy, Exclusion, Isolation & Emotional SilencingFebruary 04, 2022 Episode artwork Beginning 2022 with COVID-19 & New Years Resolutions!January 29, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 10: Its a Mood Q&A - How do we deal with Stress? Hardest thing We've overcome in our Relationship? And, 5 Year Plan?December 11, 2021 Episode artwork EP9: OUR GREATEST DILEMMA - Creating Lifelong Memories or Investing in Your Future in Your 20s?December 03, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 8: Coming Off the Pill, Non-hormonal Birth Control & The Copper vs Mirena IUD November 28, 2021 Episode artwork EP7: THE GREY AREA OF CHEATING! An Insiders Scoop into the Sex Industry and Whether it Should be Considered CheatingNovember 19, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 6: Q&A - Can Ex's be Friends, How to Stay Motivated, How to deal with Fear of Judgement & Are Strippers Cheating?November 12, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 5: LIFE HACK - Moving Out of Your Home Town in Your 20sNovember 05, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 4: Social Anxiety in Your 20s! Sharing our experiences & tips!October 29, 2021 Episode artwork EP3: TOXIC FRIENDSHIPS - The Friend Love Language & The Unspoken Truth about Unhealthy Friendships October 22, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 2: Say it or Shot it *Boyfriend Edition* - Puking hungover in a Euro train station bin, p*ssing drunk in a suitcase, IBS embarrassing stories & how we all met!October 19, 2021 Episode artwork Hop in Losers, We're Recording a Podcast! - Episode 1: Introducing the Podcast on Navigating your 20sOctober 19, 2021 Episode artwork